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Lincon Batteries offer a vast range of batteries and chargers for forklifts and handling equipment, offering the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting batteries suitable for your application. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us, we are happy to help

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Summary of Forklifts and Handling Battery Range

Sonnenschein dryfit battery range

The batteries in the Sonnenschein dryfit range are compact, versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Dryfit technology consists of closed-system batteries in which the electrolyte is fixed in a gel. This means that no maintenance whatsoever is required throughout the entire service life of the battery. The special advantage of the Sonnenschein dryfit battery lies in the batteries’ suitability for extreme operating conditions and the highest demands on reliability.

Crown Deep Cycle Batteries

Crown’s modern one-piece solid-cast design provides a lower internal resistance so charging and discharging are optimum, providing a longer battery life. Dense TBLS (tetra-basic lead sulphate) crystal content in the positive plate ensures more resistance to breakdown for longer life and consistent performance.

Crown’s Quality System is ISO-9001:2008 certified, meaning they have the capability to design, develop and build best-available battery products that work better and last longer. Crown Battery’s quality system identifies key metrics such as customer satisfaction, process management and process results analysis to drive continuous improvement.


Crown1 is a sealed deep-cycle AGM battery which boasts a robust design which tolerates deep discharge and maximum safety due to the sealed, spill-proof design which is easy to deploy. This maintenance free battery has a dual terminal design which ensures multiple application fulfilment. Crown1 has a thicker plate construction with more active materials and an inset plate which delivers longer discharge times and an increased tolerance for deep-cycle service leading to an increased performance in comparison to flooded batteries.

Performance Plus AGM - High Power Advanced
Performance Plus AGM - High Power Advanced

Approximately 360,000 starts • For high specification Start/Stop vehicles Absorbed Glass Mat construction with no free acid • Double lid (Leak/spill proof) • VRLA • Integrated flame arrestor • OE Quality, Performance & Specification • +150% Improved Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) • +200% Increased Cyclic Durability.

Performance Plus - EFB
Performance Plus - EFB

Approximately 270,000 starts • For lower specification Start/Stop vehicles • Sealed tip/tilt double lid - Reduces water loss by up to 30% - VDA roll over test compliant • High charge acceptance envelope type separators and anti-sulphation technology • Carbon/Lithium plate additives • Integrated flame arrestor • OE Quality, Performance & Specification • +170% Improved Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) • +100% Increased cyclic durability

Performance Plus - SMF
Performance Plus - SMF

Approximately 30,000 starts • Sealed tip/tilt double lid - Reduces water loss by up to 30% - VDA roll over test compliant • Calcium/Calcium plates • Integrated carrying handle & flame arrestor • State of charge indicator (SOCI) • OE Quality, Performance & Specification • Up to 20% increase in cranking power


Approximately 20,000 starts • Remote flame arrestor on selected batteries • Central venting • Integrated carrying handle • Calcium/Calcium plates • OE Quality, Performance & Specification

Performance American Range

Approximately 20,000 starts • Integrated carrying handle • Calcium plates • OE Quality, Performance & Specification

Performance SHD-CV Super Heavy Duty

Advanced plate design • Increased service life over HD • Deep cycle capabilities • Vibration Resistant OE Quality, Performance & Specification

Performance HD-CV Heavy Duty
Performance HD-CV Heavy Duty

Advanced plate design • Deep cycle capabilities • Vibration Resistant • OE Quality, Performance & Specification

Duracell Advanced Range

The Duracell Advanced is the embodiment of the Duracell Automotive brand quality! This power source meets the highest demands of leading vehicle manufacturers, so it is the ideal battery for the modern car. Its construction combines full calcium technology for improved starting power, with the highest possible safety via the double lid. This battery lid ensures the acid is fully contained even if the battery is tipped up or rolls over. Additional features include improved protection against external ignition, anti static buildup protection, and dual option remote venting. Ideal for modern SUV's. Duracell Advanced offers optimized cold cranking values, robust cyclic capability and is completely maintenance free. 20 battery types give almost complete range cover for all European and Asian vehicles.

Duracell Extreme Range

The Duracell Extreme is built for use in environmentally friendly cars which incorporate the stop-start function. The EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is used primarily in medium, small cars and LCV that have only basic stop-start features. The AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery is mainly used on medium and executive/luxury vehicles, where more complex stop-start functions together with brake energy recuperation are standard. The Duracell Extreme premium products meet the demands of leading car manufacturers, and with a range of five types from 60Ah to 92Ah are the first choice for fuel efficient cars.